Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead

The Home Depot: January 2018 - February 2019

Helped to create The Home Depot's custom-built warehouse management system.

  • Designed inter-team architecture to match inbound product to delivery orders in coordination with the other team leads and solution principles
  • Designed the format for our json web token authentication and how to mock them for local development without a sign on server.
  • Led the Inbound Team and the Location and User Access Team including mentoring the developers, merging code, and overseeing deployments
  • Built the base of the permission system, and authorization for users with Spring Boot
  • Refactored our simulation application to make the code base more readable and understandable by grouping helpers and services and creating a PR checklist so developers would maintain the code quality
  • Corrected flakey End to End tests in Selenium and CodeceptJS by adding a flakey test detector pre-merge and lint rules to prevent certain commands from being used such as a I.see instead of I.waitForText
  • Worked with our teams project manager and UX designer to ensure stories are ready for IPM
  • Built an internally shared library for queries and writing data to Google Cloud Spanner to greatly simplify the repository layer in our core services

Consultant (Slalom) converted to staff