Solution Architect and React Course Owner

Big Nerd Ranch: February 2019 - Present

Node.js, Express, PostgreSQL

  • Add new functionality to microservices such as banning users and IPs
  • Find and fix a memory leak
  • Ensure services are running with updated dependencies and node versions

React, Cypress

  • Consolidate handling for errors on adding to cart
  • Consolidate handling for favoriting items
  • Improve handling for unstable network connections
  • Decrease Cypress runtime by 75% by optimizing the fixtures and test setup

Full Stack Mongo, Express, Vue.js, Node.js

  • Refactor and expand a project receiving 1 million requests per week
  • Architect NoSQL database to support new features
  • Tune Vue performance by analyzing element creates and using render functions
  • Migrate front-end from Angular to Vue
  • Test with jest, supertest, and Cypress
  • Mentor and pair with other developers

Course Owner and Instructor for HTML, CSS, JS, React, and Node.JS

  • Write new course content for production ready React app training
  • Train both on-site at corporate clients and for open enrollment classes


  • Meeting with clients interested in purchasing training
  • Help plan events for employees and encourage engagement with each other
  • Lead the Parents Employee Network Group